Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's been a while.......

We have had a busy month........the kids got to see 2 different people that they love from their time in Uganda in the last few weeks, so they have really enjoyed that.  My sister was in town all of last week and the kids loved having her in town, the only thing that would have made that better would have been for the cousins to visit too!  The kids started swim lessons this week and it has been a night and day experience from last year to this year.  The kids are doing really well and are not scared of the water this year!  We have had our usual days full of funny conversations and crazy kids but they are doing really well!

The pictures I am posting are of a few different things in the last month.  Tim and Steve took the boys to veterans graves for Memorial Day, the boys put flags at the veterans graves and Steve taught them how to salute.

One picture is of the dryer with a bunch of little pieces of paper in it.....Kaden left his little Bible in one of pockets........just one of the many things I find in the laundry.

There is one of Kaden holding a cucumber from our garden, this is an average size for the cucumbers we have been getting from our garden!