Monday, March 15, 2010

My crafty attempts

I recently tried my hand at a few crafty projects. The first is a dress I made for Piper and then one for Mia. They are very simple dresses but I really enjoyed making them something myself! I will be making a few more for the girls so that have a few simple sun dresses for the summer that did not cost me a whole lot to make. The second project was Ikea magazine holders that I gave a decorative touch to. I have had the magazine holders for years and I recently reorganized some things and put them on our buffett. They were plain light wood and I really wanted to add some personality so I used Amy Butler paper and mod podge and this was the end result. I really like the way they turned out and the little touch the print added. I really love fun and funky accessories but I usually do not spend the money to buy it, so this was a fun way for me to personalize something and give it a look I enjoy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hiking the waterfall trail

Last week we all went hiking in the white tank mountains on the waterfall trail. It is a nice easy hike to take kids on and the best part is that when there has been a lot of rain recently, there is an actual waterfall at the end of the hike! Kaden spotted a rattle snake, even before it was rattling its tail.......once he realized it was a snake, he got away from it pretty quickly. It was a nice day to be outdoors and we all enjoyed our time together!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Goodbye Kira

About 9 years ago, Tim and I were approaching the end of our first year of marriage and we decided to get a kitten so that our first cat, Jobe, would have a friend. We named her Kira and Jobe never became real friendly with her, but she was a sweet affectionate cat that we came to love. Our kids have all loved her as she was extremely tolerant and patient of them petting her, laying their heads on her, Piper trying to sit on her, etc. She has survived Tim shaving her, or parts of her, several times over the years and she has served as a comforting and peaceful pet over the years. In the past few weeks, Kira's health declined, she became very sick and the time came that we had to put her down today. We are sad to lose our first pet, she was a very good cat.