Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aren't they just too cute!

Of course I think they all look adorable.....Mia with her sweet smile, Piper is adorable as always, Kaden with his silly grin and Joey who is just being Joey.  Joey's legs look sooo long here which just goes to show how much he has grown......almost 4 inches.  He legs were not nearly that long when he first came home!


Amy said...

Oh man, I love them. Such different personalities all wrapped up in such different bodies. God is good.

Rachel and Arielle said...

They all look SOOO good!!! I can't believe Joey has grown so much~ definitely has to be all the love! Tell the kids I say hi and that I miss all of them SO much! I'm going to try to call again soon.
Auntie Arielle

Jen said...

What a great picture...I can't even get my 2 girls to sit for a picture! ;)

jessica said...

such sweet smiles, but that's just trouble! in a good way. i am impressed though at how good they always seem to sit for pictures. that just doesn't happen with my two, let alone trying to get the girl in. good job mom!