Monday, December 15, 2008

Joey turned 3!

Joey turned 3 earlier this month and like Mia, it was the first birthday he has ever really celebrated.  He was very excited to have cupcakes, blow out candles and open his gifts!  He has changed the most since being home: he has grown 4 inches, gained about 10 pounds, his hair has grown, he looks older, he has become much more articulate, his personality has really come out and he is learning all kinds of things.  For the most part he has a very easy going personality, he is very happy and is the easiest one of all 4 to take places.  He loves to be held, he loves attention from ladies, he loves to flirt, he likes to squeal, he likes chicken nuggets, he loves to turn the lights on the christmas tree in the morning, he is very detailed, he is great at playing with Piper, he is very gentle, he is very agile and he likes to be silly!


Amy said...

WOW! 4 inches and 10 lbs in like 8 mos? That is incredible! Good work momma! :)

Jenna said...

What a big month for him...and he hasn't even celebrated Christmas yet! Happy b-day, Joey!

Cristina said...

Happy birthday Joey! Wow, what a growth spurt! Sounds like wht infants do... sounds like you gusy are loving on him!

Anonymous said...

gah! he looks so good. soo good!
i love how his personality is coming out more, and i already thought he had quite a personality! ha. that's so great!
i love your guyses updates! thanks for continuing.
give joey a happy birthday greeting for me!
Love auntie karianne.