Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little tidbits!

I neglected to update that Piper is walking, she started taking some step right before christmas and then when we were visiting my family in Oklahoma for Christmas, she graduated to walking.  She is super active now, its very cute but like all little ones, she loves to get into stuff!

We are officially 8 months into locking Mia's hair and its going good.  For those that may not know, locking is basically creating controlled dreadlocks.  In Mia's case they began as tiny microbraids and the hair grew the base of the hair needed to be "locked" to keep it from being a frizzie mess, so we use a crochet latch hook to basically knot up that base of the braids as it grows out.  This process alows Mia to grow her hair out w/o all of the struggle of constantly messing with her hair for long periods of time every couple of days.  Once its long enough she will be able to put her "locks" into ponytails, pig tails and all sorts of different styles!  For now we just do beads.

Joey is officially a little boy not and not babyish like when he first came home: his imagination is growing, he is articulating so much (although he may need some speech therapy in the near future, he is leaps and bounds further than when he first came home), he is more confident, he is easy going and is figuring out so much!  He is currently in a repeating phase where he repeats everything that everyone says!

Kaden is definitely the "big" brother of the bunch.......he is much bigger in size and in his role.  He is mostly the leader of the pack.  He and Mia play off of each other with their imaginations and they come up with all kinds of crazy things to play pretend about.  They pretend they are landscapers, driving buses, going to work, cleaning the house, working on computers, cooking, having a tea party, working out, taking care of kids, etc.  Its pretty entertaining!

Mia loves to play, she is great at playing with kids and by herself.  She loves playing in her room while the other 3 nap.  She has a dollhouse, a kitchen, a vanity, dolls and all kinds of things she loves to play with in her room.  She happily keeps herself occupied in there for 3 hours.  She sometimes falls asleep but she loves playing and often she sings while she plays!  She has a bossy streak but is mostly very gentle hearted!

Piper is super funny and full of personality.  She smiles and laughs all of the time and she loves to play with her older brothers and sister.  She knows what she wants and when she doesn't get it, she lets you know!  She is a picky eater and when she is ready to eat, she is ready to eat!  She definitely tries to keep up with the older kids!

Our house is busy and sometimes crazy, lots of talking, lots of playing, lots of me learning to be patient and gentle and lots of eating!


Theresa said...

It sounds like they all have a built in "play group" for themselves! How great is that--although I'm sure has lots of challenges, too! ;)

Jason and Lisa said...

It was great seeing you on Tuesday night. It sounds like the kids are all doing great. I'm glad to hear how well Mia and Joey fit into your home. :)

Amy said...

You make it sound and look so easy. You could just pretend it was and I'd never know. Me, on the other hand, well, you can always tell by the anguish on my face how I'm doing with these crazy boys ;)

Jenn Saylor said...

Seriously, it always sounds like everything goes so great - you are a great mom! Thanks for updates...I cannot believe Piper is more baby!