Wednesday, March 25, 2009

5 Things for my morning routine!

A blog I was reading this morning is challenging moms to make their home a haven.  The first challenge is to create a morning routine so that the day can get off to a good start.  I have decided to take up the challenge of making my home a haven.  I really want my home to be a joyful place for everyone.....a place Tim can relax after all the business and craziness of work, a place the kids feel safe and love being, a place that encourages creativity and a place that is welcoming.  There is a balance between getting all of the tasks of the home done and making time for all of the members in your home and I can say that I do not have that balance: I am not nearly as organized as what I believe I need to be but I am sometimes selfish with my time by not serving the other members of my household in spending time with them.  So, I am creating my list of 5 things I want to accomplish each morning!

My morning routine:
- Quiet time with the Lord & Prayer
- Clean up the kitchen (put away clean dishes, etc.)
- Make my bed (I am terrible at)
- Morning devotional with the kids
- Get dressed and get myself ready for the day.

These things seem simple enough but I am terribly laid back about making routines and it generally does not take much for me to alter my plans for the morning.  I absolutely see the benefits of being disciplined and having routine, I would love to be that way but I find that when it comes down to it, I lean towards not having a set routine and instead opt for a more laid back and freedom/spontaneous type attitude.  I really want to change in that area and I believe it would be so much more beneficial to myself and the rest of the family!  So for all my friends that are reading this, feel free to ask me how I am doing!


Amy said...

How did day 1 go? :)

And how is Joey feeling?

Auntie Amy

Theresa said...

Thanks for the encouragement! The morning can be a very stressful time of day around here; organization is the key, and I need to get better with that, too!

suubi said...

Well, I didn't start today b/c I just decided today, so tomorrow is day 1. I always get thrown off when the kids are sick. Kade and Piper have yucky colds & terrible cough that are preventing them from sleeping good. But I am going to start good tomorrow....I am making that resolution now!

suubi said...

Oh and Joey is perfect, can't even tell he had anything done!

Filleman Family said...

I just have to say that I think you are a great mom. I find encouragement in just watching the simple way that you love and take care of your kids and home - just in the simple stories you post on your blog. I've thought that several times and never say anything . . . so there you go - I'm glad God has blessed me by so many great examples.