Saturday, August 22, 2009


As I have posted before, we are homeschooling Mia this year for kindergarten but she will also be doing a homeschool program through the Kyrene school district.  She will go to school 1 day a week, she will have a classroom and a teacher and they will do art, music, P.E., computer science and Spanish.  This is a supplement to the core curriculum we will be doing at home the rest of the week.  We are excited about starting school at home but that will not begin until the first full week of September, however her first day at the Kyrene program was last week.  She was really excited and did well.  We are really thankful for this program and hope it works well for Mia and our family!

The picture is of Mia getting ready to go to her first day of kindergarten and in true fashion for all my kids, she got water all over her shirt just before taking the picture.  She still looks cute and ready to go!

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Amy said...

excited to hear how great she does!