Friday, June 20, 2008

A response.

I, Tim, would like to make one specific comment to a portion of what Leala wrote below.  She briefly mentioned that someone stated we should not have adopted because we have now, effectively, deprived Kade and Piper of a portion of our love.  I would like to respond.

We believe that God led us to the decision to adopt.  In that, we know that we can rely solely on Him for our strength and love for our children each and every day.  We need to remember that we are so dependent on His grace for everything -- air, food, life, etc -- that we surely would not be able to express His love to our children without His granting us that ability as well.  Additionally, as we continually tell our children, God has put this family together.  He has sovereignly placed each of us together.  The Bible tells us regarding marriage, "What God has put together, let no man separate."  Moreover, we believe God chose Mia, Joey, Kade and Piper to be a part of our family before time existed.  Thus, it was God that chose to create our family in a non-traditional way, and it is God that will allow us the strength and love to fully support our family.

Finally, on a different note, one reason we chose to adopt was to reflect God's love for His children in a tangible way with our family.  God had a son, Jesus.  Rather than devote all of His love to His son, as he had the right to, He created mankind and shifted a portion of His love to His creation.  (Remember how much God loved His son, "This is my BELOVED Son, in whom I am well pleased.)  Indeed, God not only created mankind, He then crushed His BELOVED Son so that He could take all steps necessary to restore a relationship we had broken.  He then ADOPTED us as His children and gave us the FULL RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES of natural children -- the rights and privileges that had been solely Jesus' up until that point.  Now that, my friend, is a selfless love that I can only pray to understand a little more.  

Leala and I are not perfect and, as a result, there WILL be times when we do not perfectly love our children.  That has nothing to do with how many children we have; rather, it has to do with the condition of our hearts.  We will continue, however, to pray and grow and rely on God for the strength to care for our family in a loving and right manner.


Kristi Bowers said...

AMEN on your responses!! Although I do not believe you need to justify the selfless act you have made...Just remember if your heart is right, that is what matters...To whoever made that comment, that is kinda silly seeing how people have more than two kids all the time. Do they make the same argument that you should only have a certain number of kids? I pray for your family each day...God bless

The Martins said...

Coming from a large family, I can wholeheartedly say that with many siblings, love is multiplied- not divided!

isabelle said...

Beautifully put! I couldn't agree with you more!
God bless.

gilliesblog said...

Hi There, Did you adopt through Amani? I learned of your blog through a friend who just returned from Uganda with their daughter. I saw on your blog, a link to Rachel and Arielle's blog. I know they were at Amani. After reading your blog, our families sound very similar. How I would love to pick your brain! After returning from Uganda 3 months ago for a humanitarian trip, I felt that although we have four bio. children already we were missing a member of our family. Now, we are in the beginning stages of trying to adopt from Uganda. I would love your insights and advice! If you ever have time to e-mail.........

Suzy in Utah! Thanks!