Thursday, June 26, 2008

Giving my husband some props......getting myself out of the doghouse!

Tim and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary last week, it was only a few days after Father's Day. The kids and I made a nice cards for Tim for Father's Day and we made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and then the kids woke him up and gave him the cards and then they kept saying "Happy birthday father's Day". They were a little confused about Father's Day and birthdays and all that. Last year we gave Tim a very, very, very nice Father's Day/anniversary gift that will not be topped for year's to come, so I figured this year would be much more simple. Our anniversary was a few days after Father's Day and life was a little crazy and I must admit I am quite pre-occupied with the kids these days so I planned a nice dinner, Mr. and Mrs. D babysat but I didn't do anything beyond wonderful and sentimental card proclaiming my undying love for my husband, no grand gift......just dinner. The night before our anniversary, Tim stayed up really late working and then even later making me a card that celebrated milestones during our marriage, so when he realized I did not have a card for him, he gave me a hard time! Then I directed him to our freinds website where she and her husband had just celebrated their 9 year anniversary and she used her blog to proclaim her love for her hubby and what a great time they have had. Needless to say, I have not been able to live it down since then, so Tim this is for you: I love you, I love you, I love! You are a great husband, a great father, and my best freind these last 8 years!


Mandy Kershaw said...

Now we know... the way to our husbands' hearts is through a love note on our blogs. :) Tim got the nice dinner; Jeff got the blog entry. Next year we just need to combine the two. A romantic dinner AND a romantic blog entry will knock their socks off!

suubi said...

Still no "my husband is my knight in shining armor?"

Seriously, I have a great wife and a wonderful family. I am more than blessed.


Amy said...

Thanks for can you blog more? I love reading about your family! Come on, Leala. What else do you have to do? :)