Sunday, July 6, 2008


One of the really cute things about having the kids all together is watching them play together (at least when they are playing together nicely).  When it was just Kaden, he would get bored at home and look for things to get into.  Now that his brother and sister are home, he has instant friends to play with and he is learning to really play with kids and his imagination has blossomed. Yesterday they were playing in a small tent we had set up in the play room, they were pretending it was a swimming pool with the beach outside it.  Why they kept putting books into their "pool" I will never understand but it was pretty cute!  Mia and Kaden are the instigators and the really creative ones and Joey just follows along and laughs as they do things like "dry him off" with a blanket after he gets out of the pool b/c of course he must be all wet after having just been swimming.  

Piper is getting so big, eating all kinds of baby food, working on scooting, grabbing at everything and just being really cute!  She is still super laid back and seems to be following in Kaden's path of not getting teeth until about 1 year.  

The kids have been home for 10 1/2 weeks and are fitting in really great!  They are still adjusting but are just doing really good!  They eat sooooo many things, are getting more secure, throwing less fits, adapting to how we do things, changing so much and even fattening up a little.  The kids haven't really gained much weight but I notice it the most in their legs......their legs are chunkier than they used to be!


Theresa said...

Praise God for all the milestones already! I think and pray for you often!

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you guys update and i get to hear about your lovely children who i miss! I'm praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

That was from auntie karianne by the way..