Monday, July 21, 2008

California Pictures


GreenEggsandSam said...

hey guys!I got your voicemail from Sunday..thanx for the thanx (i was at the ordination).

AND, thank you so much for the gift and guys are sweet and you didn't have to do that...but it just shows your thoughtfulness! Again, it was SOOO great having you here and meeting all FOUR of your kids and hanging out talking and laughing (it was as I the wee hours of the night).
Anyways...I look forward to the next time!
much grace & peace!

Anonymous said...

Joey looks so chubby :) I love how often you update this blog, it is great to see how Melody end Joey are doing. Tell them I said hi.
Auntie Ditte :)

Jen said...

I love the picture of Kaden, Melody, and Joey in the grass...sooo precious!

Amy said...

Gorgeous kids guys!