Sunday, July 13, 2008

Melody and Joey's new hair styles

Leala took over 6 hours to microbraid all of Mia's hair. It looks great and Mia loves it. She has plastic clips in and enjoys shaking her head to make them make noise. I tried to do one braid but had no luck because my fingers are waaaay too big.

We decided to let Joey's hair grow longer because we had been told it had never been allowed to grow. When we brought him home, he had what appeared to be receding hairlines and a bald patch on the back of his head. Fine fine fine hair is growing in the bald patch as well as along the front edges of his hair that had appeared to be receded.


Rachel and Arielle said...

Your hair looks SOOO good! You look beautiful and so grown up. I hope you're having a fun summer and I'm excited to talk to you on the phone soon!
Joey- your hair looks great, too! I miss you!!!
Auntie Arielle

Jen said...

Nice job Leala, her hair looks so great!!!

Kristi Bowers said...

Your family picture is AWESOME!! What an awesome opportunity you have with all those little ones! Praying for you guys