Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yet more pictures of California . . .

The family at Randy's donuts.  Or as the kids call it, 
the big donut.  Kade said he was going to try
to eat the donut on the roof.

The kids on one of the many niche fountains
at Greystone mansion.

Leala in a stone archway at Greystone mansion.

Tim and the kids by the fountain
in the driveway courtyard at
Greystone mansion

Contemplative Mia.

Leala and Pipes.


Amy said...

Leala I don't know if you are posting these pics while in Malibu but I am in Laguna right now...probably less than 30 mins from you. Crazy...we should meet up!

isabelle said...

Love the photo of contemplative Mia!