Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kaden-man and other fun stories

Leala told me today that she was explaining the differences between boys and girls to the kids. Kaden announced, "Mommy, I am a man!" Leala affirmed his statement and Mia corrected, "Kaden is a gentleman." (So polite and proper at the orphanage) Kade then corrected her, "No. I am a Kaden-man." Cute.

The kids love their new playground. There will be pictures to come. The slide is pretty long and the kids can get going pretty fast. Joey, the first time he tried it, slid right off the bottom of the slide and onto his bottom. He was upset for a little while and then jumped to it right away.

Kaden believes there are spiders living under our kitchen table and is DEATHLY afraid to put his legs under there. Leala called me yesterday to try to "talk him down" when he was freaking out at lunchtime about it. I tried to talk to him but could only hear him whimpering in the background. Before dinner, I got on the ground with him, showed him the underside of the table, and explained to him that there were no spiders that were going to get him. He seems a lot better now.

Every night Mia prays for all of her friends at Amani and as many of her aunties and mamas she can remember. Sometimes it changes, but for the most part it is the same.

Today, Mia was talking about Jason (one of her friends at Amani). She said, "Where is Jason?" And answered her own question, "He is at Amani."

Mia's friend Ethan, see prior post with Melody singing her praises to Ethan, gave the kids a pair of drumsticks because they are infatuated with the drums at church. They love them. Kade was playing with the drumsticks everyday all day until he hit Joey in the head with one and got them taken away for a little while.

The kids are great.


Filleman Family said...

Oh come on Danninger - you don't let your boys beat each other with sticks like we do?? :) How will they learn the art of brotherhood.

Theresa said...

In my house drum sticks would be taken away permanently! :) The funny (?) thing is Ryan would be the assailant. The 23 month old goes after the 4- year- old any chance he gets with long handled instruments. It's interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is Angie and we brought home Vince and Becca, feel free t email me and maybe we could have the kids call each other if she would like that!