Monday, September 15, 2008

Life with 4 kids under 5

A constant issue that we work on in our home, is sharing and being kind to one I took this picture because it is a wonderful example of the kids sharing and playing nicely together!  Even Piper is in her own little world on the side of the bus.  This was first thing in the morning, the kids are still in their jammies and they were pretending to go somewhere!  

People will often ask me how it is having 4 kids under the age of 5.  This picture is an example of one facet of what life is like!  We have a lot of conversations about being kind, sharing, using kind words, having a happy heart, being obedient, listening attentively and having self control.  We constantly answer a ton of questions......a typical conversation might go something like this:
Mommy, did you get your hair cut?
Why did you get a haircut?
Who cut your hair?
Where did you go?
Why did you cut your hair?
Can I get my hair cut?
Did daddy get his haircut?
Did Kaden get his haircut?
Mommy, when I get big am I going to get my haircut?
Am I going to be big like you?
Am I going to be big tomorrow?
When I get big, I am going to help you make pancakes.
When I get big, am I going to cook just like you? etc., etc, etc.

On any given day there will be a lot of laughing and giggling, some pouting and crying, some really sweet moments of sharing, a lot of hugs and sitting on my lap, a lot of eating and filling up cups, a lot of cleaning up, laundry, a lot of saying "Kaden, Joey & Mia come please", and of course, lots of questions!  At first it was overwhelming but like most things, you get used to it.  it is a lot of work to meet the needs of 4 small kids but once you get used to it, its normal.  There are moments of frustration and some moments where I have to take a step back but there are a lot of moments of smiles, and funny comments, and sweet gestures and fun!  It is a great opportunity to raise 4 children and I am constantly seeking to keep that in perspective!


Cristina said...

Hi Leala-

It is great to see how God is providing all that you need to raise your 4 little ones. I often get overwhelmed with my two! This often happens when I loose perspective and forget who really is control - He is!

You are an enccouragement to me! Your days sound a lot like mine, which doesn't mean I ever consider 4- :)

Anonymous said...

havent checked out the blog since tim was in uganda i think. but i love it so the pics and just love what you wrote especially the part about the questions, melody was always asking like 30 questions a minute, nice to see that she still has it. props to you for writing this leala and also well done on the 4 kids under 5, my mom did the same thing, and i have respect for anyone who can do that on their own. say hi to tim and melody(does that bother you? sorry if it does, but thats what i know her as) from me. Ian

Anonymous said...

Leala! This is awesome. i just love the updates and the kids sound like they are doing so good! thanks for updating, i love it!
Praying for you guys!

suubi said...

Hi Ian, we call her Melody most of the time, Mia is just a knickname....usually when I am typing I put Mia just b/c it is shorter!

suubi said...

Ian and Karianne. Great to hear from both of you. How are things in the great white north? We pray things are well with you. Please keep in touch. tim

Gaunt Family said...

Hi there,

Just another adoptive Mama saying hello. We are hoping to travel soon to Uganda to bring home our 2 new ones, and then I too will be a mama of 4 under 5! I am looking forward to joining the sisterhood!


Keltie in Canada