Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mia loves Ethan!

Going back to a post a couple of months ago, Mia really likes a young 20 something guy at our church named Ethan! Almost from the first day she came to our church, Mia has liked Ethan. Ethan usually plays guitar or drums in our church band and has now become somewhat of a celebrity in our home. Kaden also idealizes Ethan because Ethan plays instruments! The kids often tell me that they would like Ethan to come over and I am lame and I haven't orchestrated that yet. Mia will often tell me she would like to color a picture for Ethan and sometimes will sing her "Ethan is my friend" song, but the other day she said "I love Ethan!" I asked her what she loved about Ethan and she said his drums and that he had nice hair! She asked if she could meet Ethan's family. When they are at church, they can't wait to see Ethan and give him the "Rock and roll" sign....... so, hear is a shoutout to Ethan.......My kids love you! I hope this makes it to Ethan because I don't have his email address!


Jen said...

That's awesome!

I em'd him for you...and he's on facebook too! :)

Ethan said...

This makes my week. I love those kids!