Sunday, February 15, 2009

My little cleaners!

The 3 older kids like to clean stuff which usually involves them sneaking into the baby wipes container, each of them taking out a few, tucking the corners into their pockets and then letting them hang out and wiping off everything.  This morning Kaden was wiping down his bus and Piper was sitting on the floor in his way so he leaned down and started wiping off the back of her shirt, then he lifted up the back of her shirt to clean off her back.  I asked him to stop cleaning Piper so he moved on but then I look up and Joey was getting ready to follow his brothers example and begin cleaning Piper......I had the no cleaning Piper conversation again with Joey.  If only I could get them to clean up the things I really want them to clean up........their chairs after lunch, the floor after lunch, the table, etc.  Were making progress!


Amy said...

At least Kaden cleaned her and around her instead of dumping her off like I know someone else would've done! :)

Jason and Lisa said...

I am wanting Eli to do the same thing (clean the things I want him to clean). Eli's new (disgusting) way of cleaning is putting his finger in his nose and cleaning the car window with it.