Thursday, February 5, 2009

Piper, Pipey, Pipes!

Piper is going on 15 months, she has 8 teeth, and she has a big smile and a big personality!  Before you have kids and if you haven't spent a lot of time with little kids, its hard to imagine how much personality a little 1 year old can have!  Piper is full of personality......she loves to scream, she loves to be thrown in the air, she loves to have people scare her, she loves it when we sing to her, she loves to follow her brothers and sister, she loves to be tickled, she loves her pacifier, she loves to laugh, she loves to try and eat the cat food, she loves the cats, she loves phones, she loves to make faces, she loves to growl, and she loves to climb on things!  She was a pretty easy baby but she definitely gets spunkier as she gets older.......she will keep us on our toes!


Theresa said...

She is such a cutie and definitely does not want to be left behind playing with the big kids. I saw that at the park for play group!

Jen said...

She is such a cutie, I love having her in my room at church. :)

Love the new BLOG pic too!

Amy said...

Sounds like she is just like daddy!:) You can tell Tim I said that.