Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bedtime Fun

As we have said before, each night before bed, we pray with the kids.  
Leala or I will pray and then we have the kids pray.  Kade usually just says, "Thank you God for mommy and daddy.  Mommy, Daddy, I prayed for you."  Joey usually says, "(mumble) mommy, (mumble) daddy, (mumble) food, (mumble) playing, (mumble mumble mumble mumble)."  My usually prays, "Hands together, eyes closed (that was how they prayed at the orphanage), thank you for our toys, 
thank you for mommy and daddy and baby piper, thank you for (insert whatever we did that day whether it was going to the zoo or eating dinner
 or working in the garden)."

Tonight was rare.  
Kaden went on a praying rant thanking God for everything he could think of.  The following are some of the things he prayed for.  He repeated these things over and over.  Praying for making my car made me laugh, but praying the the stuffing in his blanket was really sweet.

"God, thank you for mommy and daddy.  Thank you for making daddy's car.  Thank you for making our seats.  Thank you for Jesus.  We wish Jesus didn't have to die on the cross.  Thank you for the people that made my blanket and for the soft stuff inside it.  Maybe sometime we can come to heaven and not have to die."
After we pray, we sing some songs.  Joey always has one request, Jesus loves me.  Even if we just sang it, he will say he wants to sing it again.

Melody loves to sing.  We will find her just singing randomly throughout the day.  it is really sweet.

At Sunday school this week, Kade and Joey learned about Kind David and his passing of advice to Solomon before he died.  When I went to his class, he told me he learned about King David and we are going to get old and die.  The whole ride home he had questions about death and asked if I was going to die and if he was going to die.  It was sad to hear the confusion in his little mind.  He asked me if after we go to heaven, we will be able to go home.  I had to explain to him that heaven is about God and it is a wonderful place where we can freely worship God forever and we won't want to leave.  Heaven is much better than our home.  He has continued to ask questions for the next few days.  This was also reflected in his prayer that he wants to go to heaven without dying.

Such a sweet little kid.  It reminds me of Mia shortly after we got home from Uganda when she threw a royal fit one night.  When we calmed her down she said she did not want to go to heaven because she did not want to leave her family.  Man I love that little girl.

The kids are great.  We are blessed.


Theresa said...

Very sweet stories! I can't believe how big Piper looks!

Amy said...

really sweet.

Filleman Family said...

One of my favorite things to have recorded on a blog - their early prayers - so sweet. You have a great little brood!

Anonymous said...

Nathanial's song request is always Jesus loves me too - without fail.