Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today marks one year from when Melody and Joseph came home from Uganda.  As Leala indicated earlier, it has flown by and the kids have really fluorished.  We are so happy to have them home and to have had the transition with them go so easy.  Kade continues to tell us how much he loves Joey and Mia and Joey and Mia play really nicely with Piper.  

Piper is their rescuer in time of need.  When the kids go to time out, Piper will run over to them and sit next to them to keep them company.  She will also get up and give them hugs when they are in time out.  Although the kids may be grumpy going to time out, Piper cheers them up and they start laughing and playing with her.  It really is sweet.

One year under our belt and many more to go.

Below is a picture of the kids very soon after they got home.


Amy said...

WOW!!!! One year! THat is crazy. It feels like just yesterday i was telling Tim about my secret tattoo idea after he promised not to tell bethany and then he told her knew what it was and instigated an epic best friend battle!

I remember when Mel would sleep over at our house and we'd tell her about her mom and dad and brother and sister and look at the photo album you guys sent her. They look awesome and so so happy. Crazy how the Lord's joined our lives in such interesting ways. He is GOOD.

Piper sounds like a riot :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, sweet Danger family! I have wonderful memories of Tim's time in Uganda picking up the kids- shopping at the little craft shops for masks and Uganda stuff for Mia and Joey to have at home, watching Mia get more and more comfortable with her daddy- going to the Gately and hearing she wouldn't talk at first- would only eat the chips, hearing Mia talk so excitedly about, "Mommy Leala," and always asking Auntie Arielle and I questions about "the merica," Joey and how tiny he was and how he loved to splash in the bath, and was such a busy boy and had the cutest laugh.

I am SO happy God brought you guys together!

Will you be celebrating with cake? Mia ALWYAYS wanted cake!
Tell them I said, "HI!"

Auntie Rachel

P.S. I love that when Arielle and I call to talk to the kids, Kaden wants to talk to Arielle- that is too sweet.

Anonymous said...

wow, one year, that is awesome. I remember tim and melody and joey all leaving (as well as arielle). what an awesome time that was for them, despite that huge fit joey threw but yeah, congrats on the one year, that is awesome. i remember my first time in 2007 there melody was the first kid i met. she had just wet herself and taken off her underwear. she wanted me to take her to get changed, but i had no idea where to go, so she lead me, oh man, it was so cute and funny. oh and to rachel, i think you forgot one key thing about melody, she probably wants chicken and soda as well.