Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of Preschool!

Last Tuesday was Kaden and Mia's first day of preschool. They are going to an in home preschool that is only 2 hours a day 2 times a week and there are only 5 kids.  I think it will be a good experience for both of them to learn that when I drop them off somewhere, I come back to pick them up. 

They were really excited about their little backpacks even though they really didn't need them.  They felt really big but the only downfall was that they both kept telling Joey he wasn't big enough to go to preschool yet.


GreenEggsandSam said...


Amy said...

Mia's hair looks awesome and Kaden looks sooo pumped! I bet they had a blast!

Cristina said...

They looks so great together! What school are you taking them to? Is it in Laveen?