Friday, August 8, 2008

Melody saying goodbye to Arnold

This is another picture of Melody saying goodbye right before we came back to the states. This, like the other "goodbye" picture, was taken by Ian. This little boy is Arnold. Melody still prays for he and many of the other children by name at night. It is really sweet the relationships she had there and that she still cares about those little ones over there.


melissa sue said...

the pictures a couple posts down make me laugh so hard! I used to call joey "baby kangaroo" alot (because a baby kangaroo is called a joey -- I'm sure you know that! haa) but he looks so cute in his costume and he looks so happy! glad to see it! hope you're family is having a great day! please give joey a hug for me (and all your kids while you're at it. they're beautiful)! thanks!

ps: I love arnold's head in this picture! he has a great head!

Amy said...

This is so funny to me. Melody looks like she is having a real "talking to" with Arnold.

Anonymous said...
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