Sunday, August 17, 2008

Silly Boys

Kaden and Joey love to wear shoes around the house, this time they got into my newly washed and folded laundry, found a couple pairs of Tim's trouser socks and decided to put them on with their shoes.  They thought they were pretty hot stuff.  Joey really liked his pulled up to his knees and Kaden kept telling Joey to push them down like his were.  When I look at this picture I am reminded at the size difference between the two boys......they are almost 6 months apart in age and worlds about in size!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the updates on your family!! I love reading the blog! I met Tim at Amani in March (we shared the upstairs of the baby house while he was there :) and its sooo fun to see how great Mia and Joey are doing!! Take care!!

Theresa said...

Too fun for Kaden to have a buddy!

Anonymous said...

this is so great! classic joey.
like jody said, thanks for updating!
i love it so much. The kids are growing up so fast!