Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Auntie Aydeedoh and the little Diva

In our household, when Joey is upset, Auntie Arielle becomes Auntie Aydeedoh. Sad to see him upset but funny to hear how he butchers Arielle's name. The kids' accents are pretty cute and the way they pronounce words is quite funny. Mia says suppagetti instead of spaghetti, pipah instead of piper, and Ayreeoh rather than Arielle. They speak good english and some lugandan because the mamas spoke that to them. Today we tried to get Mia to tell us what a lugandan word meant that she kept saying to Joey, but she couldn't. Arielle helped put together a good list of lugandan words that we can use to try to help them remember some of it.

As you can see, Mia has become a diva. She is so cute and has a lots of fun. She wanted to dress this way so that we could go to the mailbox. She enjoys all of her toys and constantly points out to us that she is going to "her house" when we are on our way home.

The three "bigger" kids in our family are getting along great. They have sharing issues (as mentioned in prior posts) but they really have a good time together. Kade has always loved playing with other kids and I often felt bad that there were not other kids for him to play with. Now he has two siblings that he loves to play with. Mia and Joey are overwhelmed by so much to do, but they seem to really enjoy having Kade around to show them the "ropes" of the Danger household. Please continue to pray for happy hearts in the kids that want to share with each other and think about the other first. There is a lot of selfishness, though I don't think that is anything foreign to any child or adult for that matter.

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