Saturday, April 26, 2008

Getting settled. . .

Things are going well with the kids.  As I write this, Joseph is throwing a fit on Arielle, Kade is yelling at the cat, and Melody is yelling for my attention and pointing out each family member in a picture next to the couch.  Wow!  Things may be a little hectic but all is good.  I am amazed at how well the kids seem to be adjusting.  They sleep well, nap well, eat well, are full of energy, and are moving more and more towards sharing.

Arielle has been a huge help.  Having her here has, I think, made it easier for the kids.  Melody and Joey have been calling Leala and I, mom and dad, respectively.  They have had no problem adjusting to the food.  And absolutely LOVE playing with all the toys we have.  Outings have gone well also.  The kids went to the doctor (you would not believe how Melody can scream), went to Chandler Fashion Park, went to Costco, and will go to church tomorrow.  The dvd player in the van is something of a wonder to them.

Leala is working hard to get them on a schedule so that life is more manageable for her as well as for the kids.

The cats absolutely scare the dickens out of the kids.  I know that our cats are vicious creatures . . .   but the fear that courses through Melody and Joey is incredible.  The first night or day the kids were home, Joey thought it would be fun to chase Jobe.  Jobe is not a creature that likes change and had already had a hard time with the new kids.  As Joey cornered Jobe, Jobe lashed out at him with a hiss and a bat of the paw.  I have never seen a child run with as much fear and lack of direction as Joey flaylingly shot away from our little cat.  Now whenever the cats come near, the kids aimlessly flee.  Wait until they meet grandma's two dogs, that will be a ton of fun.


Josh and Elizabeth said...

Wow, we can appreciate your cat stories. Noah and Chloe were TERRIFIED of my parents' miniature daschunds, the most lazy, worthless, easygoing dogs in the world. They struck absolute terror in their hearts at first, but they've made tremendous progress. Noah is fully cured and even seeks out our friends' jumpy, licky dogs. Chloe was the worst. She got comfortable with Mack, right up until he walked across the floor! She's a lot braver now but still has to be reminded that they're safe and that she doesn't need rescuing. I so wish we could see Joseph again! We're so thankful they're both finally in your family for good.

suubi said...

Today Joey was playing in the family room and failed to notice our male cat on the ottoman of the couch. When he was about 1 foot from the cat, he saw him. Absolute chaos and terror ensued with Joey FREAKING OUT about the cat. Funny but at the same time sad. Can't wait for them to meet jaja's two bouncing dogs.