Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crocs were a smash!

The other day we distributed crocs that were donated by individuals at my office. Included with the crocs were bags of candy and treats. Sweets are an unbelievably big deal here with women saving ice cream to take home to give to their children. So there would be enough for their families, we included a full bag of jelly beans as well as some other treats for them.

The women were awed that they could try on different sizes to get a pair of shoes that actually fit. It is such a big deal to have shoes that many times they don't care if they fit. The women were able to each get a pair that fit them. You would not believe the fashion show that ensued shortly after the mamas got the crocs. It was also fun to watch grown women trade candy with one another like young school girls. I received many hugs, many thanks, and heaps of blessings for the people at my office for the most gracious gift. I can say that from my experiences here, it is likely those were the nicest things anyone had ever given these women.

Thank you to all. It is such a blessing to be able to see people with nothing so happy and thankful for things that we take for granted. It was also humbling to see these women--that have nothing--sharing the candy they were given with the orphans.


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