Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun at bedtime

Prior to the arrival of Mia and Joey, we would put Kade to bed each night by, among other things, praying with him. It is always fun to hear him pray. With Mia and Joey, it is all the more adventurous.

At the orphanage the kids pray in the following manner, "hands together, eyes closed, bless our mommies, bless our daddies, bless our uncles, bless our aunties, bless the food, etc." Kade has picked this up. He prays like this, "thank you for the day, bless our uncles, bless our daddies, what else (Tim: bless our mommies), bless our mommies, what else (Tim: bless our aunties), bless our aunties, what else (Tim: amen), amen."

Rather than the normal general prayer, tonight Melody prayed specifically for each of her aunties from Amani she could remember. She prayed, "Bless our aunties, bless auntie Arielle, bless auntie Renee, bless auntie Rachel, etc." It was very sweet and showed the impact these volunteers have had on her short little life. Thanks.

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