Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Great Croc give away!

I see Leala posted this just after I did. I am sure you will enjoy it nonetheless.

Leala here....I am updating for Tim since he has been unable to update for a few days! On Thursday, Tim was able to distribute crocs to all of the uganda "mamas" that work at the orphanage taking care of the our kids and all of the rest! Tim said the ladies went crazy over the crocs, they were so excited!!!! One lady came up to Tim and told him she has been wanting some for a really long time and is not able to afford them. The ladies have seen them on some of the volunteers that have been at the orphanage as well as a few kids. Back in December, Tim brought a pair of hot pink ones for Melody. Melody's crocs were 2 to 3 sized too big but she loved them sooooooo much that she insisted on wearing them. After that day, every picture at the orphanage, I could easily spot my little girl b/c she was the one with the hot pink crocs that were way too big! Anyway, the women were very grateful for the shoes and it really made their day! Tim will put up some pictures as soon as he can. Thank you to everyone for helping these ladies in Africa!

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