Friday, May 2, 2008

Shout out

Everyone is doing really well and the household just gets more and more fun as the kids settle in. Here is a little info about each little one:  
Kaden - loves applejuice and the other two don't, loves having friends to play with, likes to pull the kids around the yard in a wagon, spends a lot of time in time out, loves cheese and the other two don't, loves to laugh, loves his green blanket and is soooooo good at telling mommy and daddy he loves us.
Mia - loves to have our attention, does not like to be by herself, likes her hair, likes girlie things, has a really infectious laugh, has super cute dimples, loves to be tickled, loves to take her anti-parasite medicine,  can throw a royal fit but that is not very often and likes to go to "our house".
Joey - has a sweet little smile but also has a mischievous smile, often bumbles around the house pushing a cart or barbie van or something like that, can eat a ton, loves to be picked up, loves to go outside, loves to wear shoes around the house, loves bathtime, and can also throw a royal fit.
So, Tim has been home most of the week as everyone gets used to here is my shoutout for my hubby who has been really great!  He is very good with the kids, is great at putting the kids to bed, giving baths, lotioning the kids up at night and pulling the kids around the yard and neighborhood in the big wagon.  He is getting really good at taking Mia's hair out of cornrows and is excellent at keeping the kids cups full!  He has a passion for Africa......specifically Uganda and is growing more and more in patience!  I am very thankful for him!


isabelle said...

Love to hear how you are all getting on. So great that you are all together. Keep the posts coming, they're interesting and great to read!
Blessings to you all.

melissa sue said...

I love reading all your posts. It seems like Joey is growing into quite a funny little character.I hope you have a great day Danger family : )

Kristi Bowers said...

leala...thanks for your comment on my many kids are there? I knew you had two kade and piper, and then I thought you were adopting one more? Did you adopt 3? You seem busy, but happy. Thanks for the prayers