Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shout out to Eyemaginations, Leala, and Tim's co-worker Helen.

We wanted to get the kids sunglasses, so we went to a very good glass shop we had been to before for my glasses, Eyemaginations in Mesa near Alma School and Southern. Just before I went to Uganda to pick up the kids, I had to get new glasses and that led Leala and I to Eyemaginations. During our time there, we told Maureen, the lady that runs Eyemaginatoins, and Steven, another Eyemaginations employee, about our pending adoption. They were very encouraging and had a ton of fun with Kade and Piper.

Fast forward to last week, we went back to Eyemaginations to get glasses for Kade, Mia, and Joey. Eyemaginations sells sunglasses for kids under the name Julba. The glasses are molded rubber with 100% UV protection. The other nice thing is there is a band on the glasses to keep them on and they are the same right side up or upside down so it doesn't matter if the kids put them on wrong. Maureen and Steven helped us fit them and took excellent care of us. It was a bunch of fun for the kids and they love their sunglasses.

On a separate note, Leala did Mia's hair by herself for the first time. Although Melody will say that it is not quite the same as when Mama Rukiya does it, it came out great. Leala had a lot of fun and Melody seemed to be real proud of her hair. It took quite a long time but came out really great.

One of my co-workers, Helen, came over one night to help us with Mia's hair. She taught us some things and showed us how to quickly, easily, and (for the most part and for Mia's benefit) painlessly do Mia's hair. It was fun learning about the differences in our hair and Mia's hair and also how easy it can be to do her hair when you have the right products. She was so helpful and we really appreciated her time.


Amy and Bethany's Ugandan Adventures! said...

Leala and Tim!

I seriously just sat here and ooh'ed and ah'ed. I can't believe how happy Mia and Joey look! They sersiouly look like they've been in yourfamily together. The photos of the themandKade are precious. So adorable! I love it! And Mia's hair looks awesome:)

Anonymous said...

WOW josephs gotten FAT! They look great.. honestly... i hope i can come and visit them sometime!
thank you for giving them the best home they could ask for!
auntie karianne

GreenEggsandSam said...

I'm SOOOOOO excited to have your blog addie! Now you'r eon my google reader and on my blogroll

COngrats on your adoption!!!!
Truly...I'm into it!

Evelyn said...

Hi from Evelyn, Tim's co-worker. Thanks for sharing your family's big adventure. The kids look so cute in their shades!

It's really great to see when people take on the world with their love!