Thursday, May 22, 2008

It has been 1 month

Wow, it has been 1 month and it has flown by!  Each week has been better than the week before and everyone is doing amazingly well.  I think that adopting 2 small children and going from being a family of 3 to a family of 6 within 6 months is kind of a shock but I honestly do not feel like it has been as difficult as I thought it might be.  We have had our fair share of moments where I felt like crying, the kids crying, the kids fighting, some impatient moments, some blank looks, a whole lot of questions, a lot of change, a whole new routine and on and on......but there are many great and unexpected things!  Here are just a few things:
- Kaden telling Joey he does a good job at coloring
- Joey bringing Mia and Kaden their cups all of the time
- Mia being a very good helper
- Piper cracking up just watching the other 3
- Kaden asking me where his green card is
- all 3 of the bigger kids constantly wanting to ring the dinner bell
- Mia asking a gazillion questions and always wanting to know about everything
- Joey always wearing shoes around the house, no matter who they belong to
- Kaden waking up from nap time and excitedly saying to Mia and Joey "hey guys, want to play"
- Joey always carrying around Mia's dolls
- the kids always giving Piper her toys that fall on the ground
- all 3 kids calling "mom" from their rooms when they wake up ridiculously early in the morning
- all 3 kids laughing like crazy as they run in circles in the living room
- Mia petting the cat
- Kaden learning to pray "thank you for our aunties......and what else?"
- Joey loving to sit on anyone's lap
- Piper just being the sweet and easy baby she is

Those are just a few things from this month!


Amy and Bethany's Ugandan Adventures! said...

Leala, I love your new posts and hearing your highlights from the last month brings a smile to my face. I can just Mia asking "this is what?" to everything. So happy for you guys!


suubi said...

She constantly asks "This is what?" The questions are virtually never ending. So much fun though.

Josh and Elizabeth said...

Hey, guys, I loved reading this post! Thanks for the snapshot of life at your house. We definitely have a few similarities. I'm so glad everyone is doing so well together. Have a great weekend!