Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mia and her friend Ethan.

One of the guys in our church's band is named Ethan. I, Tim, taught Mia how to make the rock and roll sign with her forefinger and pinkey. After church one time, Mia came by Kaden and myself as we looked at the drums and the "good guitars" (Kaden's phrase). I told her to give Ethan the rock and roll sign, which she did, and she has been talking about him ever since. Last week she spoke repeatedly about going to church to see Ethan. At church Leala and I had to pry her little hand away from his because she didn't want to leave him.

This week she hasn't spoken too much about him apart from right after I told my parents about her friend. This was the result. This is only a short clip. She went on saying this exact same thing for about 10 minutes. If you can't understand what she is saying, she keeps saying, "Ethan. Ethan is my friend."


Amy said...

Mia looks like she getting a little chubby she looks GREAT!!

suubi said...

I don't know if she is getting chubby, she hasn't been weighed since right after she got home, but the girl can eat!

Tim neglected to mention that she smacked her friend Ethan on the butt at church. She flirts with Ethen!