Saturday, May 31, 2008

The kids crack me up!!!!!!

All 4 of the kids have their own funny personalities and little quirks about them.  Mia loves to talk on the phone and she will have full pretend conversations with people all of the time......sometimes she repeats things I say and sometimes she talks about what we did that day or just whatever comes to her mind!  Kaden is turning into a funny little man.......he makes up pretend words and then gets a big smile on his face b/c he knows he is not saying a real word. Joey likes to laugh and do silly things back and forth with people and he loves to wear shoes! Piper loves her feet right now, she jabbers and talks to them, tries to chew on them and smiles the whole time!  


Crystal said...

Hi! Just searched out Uganda Adoption and found you. We are considering adopting from there as well. Can you send me an email? I would love to glean some of your knowledge : ) YOu have a BEAUTIFUL family!!!! God Bless you~ Crystal

Crystal said...

I guess I should give you the email address : )