Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Melody ain't afraid of no dogs!!!

We went to friends' house on Memorial day for a barbecue. From the picuture you can see they have a large dog. They actually have two dogs. You can read in the previous post how we recalled at breakfast that morning that our friends had two dogs. We were really nervous the kids were going to be screaming frantic messes with the dogs. Although there was a little screaming -- mostly from Joey throughout the day whenever the dog would even look at him -- they did great. Indeed, Melody even pet the bigger dog, as you can see in the picture, more than once.

At one point the patio screen was closed with Melody on one side and this dog on the other. The dog was around the corner and Melody was feeling especially tough talking through the door. The dog came around the corner and Melody fled screaming. She is really getting more and more comfortable with things around here. Leala took the kids to swimming lessons yesterday -- look forward to that blog from Leala -- but needless to say, as with everything else we do, it was an adventure.

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